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How we rate


At Wedge, we're committed to promoting sustainability and transparency in the fashion industry. Our web browser extension rates fashion items based on their sustainable and ethical standards, allowing you to make informed purchasing decisions aligned with your personal sustainability standards. Here's how we create our ratings:

Data sources

We gather data from various sources, including the Fashion Transparency Index, the brand's public reporting, CDP, Climate Change and Water Security projects, FashionChecker, and certifications.

Carbon footprint

We calculate the carbon footprint of both the brand and the product to create the combined rating for the product.

Sustainability Factors

We take into consideration various factors, such as materials, CO2 intensity, waste management, labor practices, transparency of the brand, electricity usage and renewable energy sources, and warranty services.

Our rating system is constantly evolving and improving to provide the most accurate and comprehensive information to our users.
At Wedge, we believe that transparency and accessibility are key to promoting sustainable fashion. By using our web browser extension, you're taking a step towards creating a more sustainable future. Join us in promoting a more sustainable future, one fashion item at a time. Download our web browser extension today and start making conscious and sustainable fashion choices.

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