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Sustainable Fashion Highlights – May 2023

It's been quite a journey for sustainable fashion during May 2023. Let's dive in and see what's been happening!

Hollywood Glamour Meets Sustainability

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie taking the lead. The Oscar-winning actor announced the launch of her fashion brand, Atelier Jolie, which aims to democratize the fashion industry. The brand aspires to provide a platform for emerging designers and master artisans, and to make use of high-quality vintage material and deadstock fabric. Atelier Jolie also emphasizes diversity and inclusivity, with plans to provide apprenticeships for refugees and other underappreciated groups​.

Angelina Jolie unveils new sustainability-focused fashion venture

Denim: The New Green Fabric

Sustainability is making its mark in the denim industry. Levi's has innovated its iconic 501s with Circulose, a recycled-textile viscose from Renewcell. DL1961 is taking a similar approach, recycling post-consumer textiles to create new fabric for its jeans. Other brands like Nudie Jeans, Ganni, Triarchy, Amendi, Mud Jeans, Outland Denim, and Everlane are also pioneering sustainability in denim, with initiatives ranging from using sustainable raw materials to prioritizing ethical manufacturing processes, and even providing repair services to extend the life of their products​.

The 9 best sustainable denim brands, according to experts

Fast Fashion Giants: Just Shaking off Criticism or a Turn Towards Sustainability?

The fast fashion industry, often criticized for its environmental impact, is starting to take note. Giants like H&M and Zara are under scrutiny, but they're also making strides towards sustainability. H&M has recently launched a new sustainability campaign, and Zara has reaffirmed its commitment to becoming fully sustainable by 2025. Critics argue that the sheer volume of clothing produced is incompatible with environmental stewardship. We tend to agree🤷‍♀️

In response, H&M has launched a new sustainability campaign, and Zara has reaffirmed its commitment to becoming fully sustainable by 2025.

A Sobering View from Space

A giant dump of unused fast fashion clothing in Chile's Atacama Desert is now clearly visible to satellites. This month, the European Space Agency released a startling photograph of a massive mountain of discarded clothing - visible from space. This sobering image serves as a stark reminder of the environmental impact of the fashion industry, highlighting the urgency of moving towards truly sustainable practices.

Fast fashion has spawned a mountain of leftover clothes in the Chilean desert that's so massive it can now be seen clearly from space

Looking Forward

These stories from May 2023 remind us of the power of every choice we make. Whether it's supporting brands that prioritize sustainability or making a personal commitment to buy less and buy better, each decision we make can help shape a better future for our planet. At Wedge, we're proud to be part of this journey, and we're here to empower you, the conscious consumer, with the information you need to make informed choices and support brands that align with your values.

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