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Adidas sustainability report - Winds of change?

Updated: May 31, 2023

Adidas sustainability report

At Wedge, we're committed to helping users make informed choices by analyzing popular brands' sustainability efforts. This is a summary of our sustainability report on Adidas offers insights into the brand's environmental and social impact.

Adidas demonstrates a solid commitment to using renewable energy sources, with 90% of its operations powered by renewable energy. The brand engages in eco-friendly initiatives such as producing shoes made from recycled plastic waste in partnership with Parley for the Oceans. Regarding materials, Adidas uses 56.03% sustainable resources in its products, and its waste management strategy includes recycling 88% of its waste, with the remaining 12% going to landfills.

On the transparency front, Adidas scores 51.2 on the Fashion Transparency Index, reflecting their disclosure of social and environmental policies. However, when it comes to labor practices, Adidas has room for improvement, with a public commitment but no action plan or separate labor costs, resulting in a living wage paid rating of 1/5. Additionally, Adidas does not currently offer second-hand services or platforms.

Based on our assessment, Adidas receives a final ranking of 3/5 stars. To access the full report and better understand Adidas' sustainability efforts, Click Here.

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